Iran rejects ‘meddlesome’ stance by Germany over death sentence against terrorist ringleader

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani on Thursday urged Germany to stop “encouraging terrorists” and “spreading terrorism” after the European country reacted to a death sentence against Jamshid Sharmahd, an Iranian-German national who led the US-based Tondar terrorist group that was responsible for major deadly attacks in Iran over the past years.

Iran’s Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the death penalty handed down to Sharmahd by an Iranian court on February 21, 2023, for his involvement in “terrorism and corruption on earth”, among other charges. The Wednesday verdict followed an appeal by Sharmahd to the top court.  

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has called the Supreme Court’s verdict “completely unacceptable” and demanded Iran reverse the ruling.

Now in reaction to the comments by the top German diplomat, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said that such a “meddlesome stance is an attempt to prevent justice” and will help spread terrorism and encourage terrorists across the world.

Kanaani called on the German authorities to immediately end this practice.

If those who claim they fight terrorism do not cooperate with Iran in this regard, they are at least expected to refrain from encouraging child-killer terrorists, he said, adding that attempts to create obstacles in the way of bringing the terrorists to justice is a clear example of human rights violations.

Those violating human rights cannot claim to be defending such rights, Kanaani noted.

The spokesman reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not need permission from anyone when it comes to bringing terrorists to justice.

The Islamic Republic believes that the German government’s reaction to the ruling handed down to a known terrorist is a clear example of supporting terrorism and interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, Kanaani said, stressing that Tehran will not tolerate the interference.

He called on Germany to abide by the principle of respecting other countries’ sovereignty and refrain from emotional behaviors.

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