Resistance Front more united, powerful than before

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani said that the Palestinian Resistanc and the Resistance Fron in general are more united and stronger than before, adding that the Palestinians are able to defend itself.

In a tweet on Friday, the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry Nasser Kan'ani posted a photo of President Ebrahim Raeisi with the laeders of the Palestinian resistance groups in Syria , which took place on Thursday, and said the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to support the Plaestinian nation as the Palestinei issue is the strategic issue in the Islamic world.

He underlined that Iran has prevented the hegemonic system, namely the big Western powers, to eliminate the issue of Palestine from international agenda.

The Iranian spokesman further said that the Resistance Front is more united and powerful than the past, adding that the Palestinian people remain oppressed but strong and able to defend themselves.

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