French Supreme Court rejects US call for overturning 2021 court ruling on Iran  

French Supreme Court has rejected a call by the US to overturn a 2021 ruling by a French court of appeal, refusing to confiscate Iranian assets in France.

In a Wednesday ruling, the French Supreme Court upheld a March 2021 verdict by a court of appeal which refused the US call for confiscating Iranian assets.

Earlier on March 11, 1998, a US court ruling called for seizing as much as $247 million of Iranian assets.

The US sought to enforce the court ruling in other countries. After they failed to do so in some European countries, they managed to take a verdict in absentia from a Paris court.

The ruling was later overturned in an appeals court on March 16, 2021.

The United States then appealed to the French Supreme Court to reverse the ruling by the court of appeal but on June 28, 2023, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the court of appeal and disappointed the US.   

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