Iran’s intelligence links Swedish Quran burner to Israeli Mossad

The Ministry of Intelligence of Iran has uncovered the ties between Salwan Momika, an Iraqi-born refugee who desecrated the Holy Quran in Sweden late last month, and the Israeli regime’s Mossad spy agency.

In a statement released on Monday, the ministry revealed that the sacrilegious act of burning a copy of the sacred Muslim book in Sweden aimed to divert attention from the heinous crimes committed by the Israeli regime, particularly in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

The ministry emphasized that the latest act of blasphemy, carried out with the support of the Swedish police, had broader dimensions to it compared to previous similar incidents.

The statement said the ministry systematically collected intelligence from relevant sources linked to the offensive act and cross-referenced the initial findings with existing information to expose the underlying motives.

According to reliable information obtained by the ministry, Salwan Momika was born in Iraq in 1986 and joined Mossad in 2019.

During his time in Iraq, he played a significant role in spying on the resistance movement and contributing to the destabilization of the country. Momika then presented his notorious reputation and criminal records to gain acceptance and favor from the Zionists.

As a reward for his betrayal to the Iraqi nation and the Islamic community, he received assistance from the Zionists to obtain Swedish citizenship.

After settling in Sweden, Momika continued his mercenary role for the occupying Israeli regime, adapting his missions to his new circumstances and opportunities.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry further emphasized that the offensive act against the Holy Quran was deliberately orchestrated to create “media waves” and divert attention from the heinous crimes of the Zionist regime in Jenin.

“This is a common tactic of the Zionists, who accompany every massacre and act of destruction with another criminal project to deviate attention from their demonic operations,” it pointed out.

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