Iran slams Western media's double standards on protests in occupied territories

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has slammed the media in the West for their way of covering protests and riots against the Israeli regime.

Kanaani said on his Twitter account on Sunday that the Western media have tried to depict months of protests against the Israeli regime as as sign of democracy in the occupied territories.

He said that said that the media empire in the Western fills the ears of the world with the big lie of defending the freedom of expression and human rights while describing riots, chaos, violence, and destruction as protest and revolution.

Protests, strikes, and crippling demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of people in the occupied territories have been going on for months and the Zionist security and police forces have been repressing the protesters using modern equipment while the number of the casualties and arrests have been concealed from the public, said the official. 

Kanaani said the Western media turns a blind eye on the repression and violence against protestors in the occupied territories while presenting the protests as a symbol of the "fake democracy" in Israel. 

He said the same media outlets extensively cover the smallest gathering and protest in a country that is not an allied with the West.

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