‘Staging coups recurring theme of US, UK policies’

The United States and the United Kingdom repeatedly interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries and stage coups whenever their interests require, says Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman.

“70 years ago, a national government in Iran was ousted by a coup backed by the US and UK,” Nasser Kanaani wrote on his X account on Saturday.

“Supporting dictators, meddling in domestic affairs, suppressing libertarian movements, and orchestrating coup d'états are recurring elements of American and British policies,” he added.

He made the remarks on the 70th anniversary of the 1953 Iranian coup, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d'état, which was a joint CIA-MI6 operation orchestrated under the name “TPAJAX Project” or “Operation Ajax.”

Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, who was popular in Iran at the time for nationalizing the country’s oil industry and taking it back from largely British control, was ousted and arrested during the coup.

The coup also returned to power the pro-Western monarch, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, where he remained until the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, led by Imam Khomeini.

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