An Iranian lawmaker says the US and its European allies are trying to cover up they are in dire straits by imposing sanctions on Iran’s oil and banking sector.

“So far much pressure has been mounted on and various sanctions have been imposed against Iran by foreign countries, but experience shows that such measures have not harmed the country,” Member of the Majlis Economic Committee Seyyed Nasser Mousavi said .

Mousavi went on to say that Iran has gone through more difficult situations over the past decades and “sanctions will create no problems” for the country.

The EU agreed on January 23 to ban oil imports from Tehran, freeze the assets of the Central Bank of Iran across the EU, and ban sales of grains, diamonds, gold, and other precious metals to the country.

The EU sanctions came after US President Barack Obama signed into law fresh unilateral economic sanctions against the CBI on New Year's Eve in an apparent bid to punish foreign companies and banks that do business with the Iranian financial institution.

Referring to efforts by arrogant powers to discourage Iranians from taking part in the upcoming Majlis elections, Mousavi stressed that the nation would turn out en masse as advised by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

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