Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned hostile statements of Saudi deputy crown prince, and said that such remarks are clear evidence that the Saudi officials are promoting terrorism and pursuing troublesome and destructive policies in the region.

Bahram Qasemi's remarks came in reaction to allegations made by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud in an interview with the country's media outlets.

Noting that raising such unconstructive allegations does not fit the current regional situation, Qasemi said that what the Islamic Republic of Iran has indicated both in word and practice is the efforts aimed at using common points to achieve understanding and boost cooperation with all regional states.

'While the volatile region of western Asia needs understanding and cooperation among the countries more than any other time, such comments are far from political wisdom and strategic blunder,' he said.

The foreign ministry spokesman pointed to the claims the Saudi prince made in his interview, and said that what is important for Iran is unity of the Muslim world and convergence among the countries to find a way out of various crises in the region, which are rooted in foreign interference and growth of extremism thoughts and Takfiri terrorism and promoted by Wahhabism sectarian thoughts in Saudi Arabia.

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