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24 January 2018 - 23:34

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation, Tehran office has called on the Iranian private sector active in conserving and restoring Iran heritage to submit their projects.

According to UNESCO Tehran Cluster office, “projects that are completed within the last 10 years are eligible to apply'.

“Houses commercial and institutional buildings, historic towns and villages archeological heritage sites and cultural landscapes for example are all suitable for entry,” the UNESCO said in its letter.

“The awards aim to encourage local people to undertake conservation projects within their communities, either independency or by seeking public-private partnerships,” the letter reads.

There have been seven Iranian prize winners to date: “Polsheer House” Djolfa, Isfahan (2002 Award of Merit); “Zargar-e-Yazdi House”, Yazd (2004 Honorable Mention); Zain-ad-din Karavansara”, Yazd (2005 Honorable Mention); “Saryazd Citadel” Yazd (2014 Award of Distiction); Darugheh House (2016 Honorable Mention), “Aftab Cultural House”, Isfahan (2017 Honorable Mention), Persian Gulf University – Faculty of Art and Architecture, Bushehr (2017 New design in heritage context).

The call for entries for the 2018 cycle is now open until 15 May 2018. Entries for the 2018 Awards programme must be submitted to UNESCO Bangkok using an official entry form, a description of the project in the final format, drawing and photographs in hard and soft copy formats.


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