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21 December 2021 - 17:07
Iranian Exchange to Launch NFT Gallery in The Metaverse

Iranian companies just entered the Metaverse space. By setting up a building near Binance Exchange in Decentraland, one of the most successful platforms in cryptocurrency industry, Excoino exchange intends to set up a permanent arts exhibition for Iranian artists. As the opening of this gallery, Excoino has launched a special celebration in Yalda Night on Dec 21st.

Yalda Night is an Iranian northern hemisphere’s winter solstice festival celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year. Families gather together to eat snacks and read poetry.

As reported by Peivast, Excoino is one of the subgroups of Ernyka Holdings, started its activity in 2017. According to the available data on excoino.com, this company claims to be the first knowledge enterprise providing crypto wallet with Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology license. “We are providing 80 cryptocurrencies in our platform”, says Excoino Content Supervisor Ali Maghsoudi.

The exchange intends to hold a six-hour celebration using Yalda Night elements at the Excoino building in Decentraland on Yalda Night, on the occasion of opening its NFT Arts Exhibition from 6pm to midnight.

Excoino NFT Gallery

Excoino is going to display 50 artworks of Iranian artists in its metaverse gallery. “The gallery is held permanently that visitors are able to purchase their favorite artworks directly from the owner of the artwork. Excoino exchange has no intervention on selling or purchasing the artworks and everything is done via the platform displayed by the owner,” says Excoino Metaverse Project Supervisor Reza Soltani.

Excoino building concept in Decentraland has been taken out of Iranian culture and is a mixture of Mina Dome and Khayyam Tomb.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse word is made of “meta” and “Verse”, abbreviation of “Universe”. This word was suggested first by Neal Stephenson in 1992 in a book named “Snow Crash”. In this book, metaverse is a digital space where people were connected together by Avatars. Metaverse is a free and imaginary world out of physical shackles. The final goal is what you’ve probably seen on fictional movies. You enter a dreamy world by an intermediary and there you will be free to live without any physical limitations of this world. You would drive the car you always wished to have, play games and get connected with the people of this dreamy world.

Why Metaverse?

Iranian users has recently welcomed the metaverse. This interest has increased after investing big companies and increasing the tokens of these platforms in value. Now, by becoming the metaverse to a virtual gatherings, each one of the prominent brands have been encouraged to make a better connection with their users by establishing a building in this space. Reza Soltani believes that due to the major investments made by leading companies such as Meta (Facebook), more human interactions will take place in this field in the future. “According to the lack of sufficient education in Iran about metaverse, Excoino intends to make users more known with metaverse,” Soltani added.

Why Decentraland?

Decentraland is a global virtual platform based on blockchain.Users could make money by trading lands, artworks and other NFT tokens in Decentraland. “Mana” is the local token of this platform.

Other Decentraland usages are:

  • Developing Dapps or decentralized applications
  • Advertisements
  • Artwork collections
  • Social interactions

Holding a gallery in an easy way is why Reza Soltani chose Decentraland platform. Also, he believes that it’s easier to have exhibitions and parties like Yalda for ordinary users. “By holding this exhibition in Decentraland, Excoino wants to make a space for introducing Iranian NFT artworks to the world with no fees commissioned” Reza concluded.

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