Pakistan University Professor: The axis of Iran, Pakistan and China flourishing the region

"The axis of Iran, Pakistan, and China can lead to prosperity and economic growth in both countries." A professor of politics and international relations at Islamabad International University said to KkabarOnline news agency.

Expressing hope for the future of the region, Dr. Mohammad Khan, who visited KkabarOnline with his colleague Dr. Mohammad Kazem, a researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies and Contemporary Studies - Pakistan National Defense University, described Iran as a strong, stable, and deeply rooted country with many cultural, social and historical commonalities.

Mr. Khan said:” We considered that Tehran and Islamabad have many historical linkages and those historical linkages are most part of the two countries’ history. Our history is full of closeness, bilateralism, respect, progress. And we share the culture indeed; we share the values and the most important of all is that we both are Muslim countries.”

Pakistani former official hailed great flexibility and respect between Iranian and Pakistani people, saying the two countries have never closed their diplomatic ties.

Welcoming the 25-year comprehensive cooperation program between Iran and China, Mr. Khan praised the implementation of this program for the economic future of Iran and the region and said: “China is a common friend and was Pakistan’s friend right from 1951. It is good news that China has decided to be the friend of Iran also on economic aspects on many others aspects.”

“This region will definitely flourish with better cooperation between Iran, Pakistan, and China”, Khan said to KkabarOnline “and will witness economic growth, thus both Iran and Pakistan have a very important role to play in achieving this goal.”

He said: “Pakistan and Iran never closed their diplomatic ties ever in history. I mean, there have been the diplomatic ties, there has been the context directly, officially, or indirectly. So that element is very, very encouraging.”

Stressing that Iran has always supported Pakistan stance on Jammu and Kashmir, professor Khan said:” It is a disputed state and the decision has to be made as per the United Nations resolutions, and as per the wishes of the people of the Indian and Pakistani state of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Mr. Khan said: “Chinese friendship with Pakistan and its friendship with Iran is basically serving the Iranian-Chinese strategy purposes. Remember that because, in international relations, there is no free cup of tea. They have a lot to do indeed in Iran and they had to do also a lot for increasing the ties. As far as Pakistan is concerned, in the 1960s, once China was isolated, it was Pakistan, which provided air corridor to China.”

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