Shakeri: The ruling faction in Pakistan believes that the political crisis is due to US intervention

The former Iranian ambassador to Pakistan said in a recent analysis of developments in Pakistan that the United States had said the removal of Imran Khan was a key US condition for Pakistan.

"Imran Khan believes that the recent developments in Pakistan are a conspiracy of the United States, the West and the Western intelligence services," Shakeri told KhabarOnline. The United States is said to have summoned Pakistan's ambassador to Washington and told him that Imran Khan should step down because the United States could not work with him, and if that happened, the United States would continue to work with Pakistan, but if Imran Khan was not fired, Remain in power, the American way will be separated. This is what both Imran Khan and some Pakistani newspapers have claimed. In fact, the claim of the ruling faction in Pakistan claims that a foreign hand is seen in creating a political crisis in this country.
"But this is strange because in South Asia, the Indians have not condemned Russia for invading Ukraine, they have said we will buy oil from Russia and we will not cut ties," Shakeri said. But the Americans have not reacted so sharply. What happened on the day of Imran Khan's visit to Moscow, which coincided with the day of the Russian army's attack on Moscow, was predetermined and no one asked for it to be canceled. The heads of state have been setting their travel plans for months. Therefore, Imran Khan could not cancel this trip and perhaps did not know the exact decision of Russia. Of course, Pakistan is one of Russia's political partners, but other countries in the region also have ties with Russia. Only one country in the region condemned Russia.

Therefore, Shakeri believes that it is not logical to say that Imran Khan has been angered by the United States for his official government visit to Moscow or for not accusing Russia of attacking him.

Imran Khan, on the other hand, is said to have been angered by not allowing the United States to build a military base, while the Americans have had secret and open bases in Pakistan from the past to the present. They have been willing to expand their presence in Pakistan, and I think one of the reasons why some currents have been silent on this is that they have been warned by the Americans.
According to Shakeri, this is the first time in Pakistan's political history that an attempt has been made to overthrow a government democratically through a vote of confidence in parliament.

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