Media hype aiming to harm Iran-Afghanistan ties: Embassy

Iran’s embassy in Afghanistan in a statement on Sunday warned of hostile media hype at harming the relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul stressed in a statement that Iran’s policy on Afghanistan is based upon good neighborliness and mutual respect.

Iran has been decently hosting the Afghan refugees for over 40 years and is currently playing host to at least 5 million Afghans, the statement added, noting that the Afghan citizens are receiving services in Iran equal to what Iranians receive.

The embassy further noted that following the recent developments in Afghanistan and the influx of refugees to Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not put any obstacle in the way of Afghan nationals and accepts new refugees, although Iran itself is facing cruel sanctions and consequent economic problems.

Illegal entry into Iranian territory means violating its territorial sovereignty, and the Islamic Republic of Iran's (border) police are obliged to prevent all foreign nationals from entering the country illegally.

Referring to the baseless stories and reports published online about the harassment of Afghan nationals in Iran in an organized manner, the statement said that a planned and purposeful media hype is aiming to harm Tehran-Kabul relations, sour the deep-rooted and historical ties between the two nations.

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