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4 May 2022 - 20:17
One of Asiatic Cheetah Cubs in Iran perished

One of the three Iranian Asiatic Cheetah Cubs, the female cheetah, who underwent a cesarean section on May 31 in Turan, was perished, according to a trusted veterinarian.

Dr. Behrang Ekrami, a trusted veterinarian of the Asiatic Cheetah Breeding Center said: "This puppy was weak from birth and did not gain weight in these past four days, and after the autopsy, the cause of death was congenital malformation of the left lung and lung adhesion."

He noted: The second and third puppies have a good weight gain from birth. According to Behrang, the executive and scientific team of the Asiatic Cheetah Breeding Center monitors all the behaviors and feeding of the second and third puppies 24 hours a day after surgery.

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