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22 June 2022 - 23:39
Tehran-Moscow resolved to develop relations

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will arrive in Tehran on Wednesday to discuss strategic ties between Iran and Russia.

Lavrov, who will travel to Tehran at the invitation of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, is scheduled to meet with his Iranian counterpart at the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

In addition to reviewing Tehran-Moscow strategic ties, the upcoming summit of the heads of state on the Caspian Sea, joint cooperation between the two states on regional and international issues, and especially the expansion of economic cooperation with the Eurasian region and the Caucasus are among the other goals of Lavrov's visit to Iran.

Tehran-Moscow relations have boosted in recent years with the signing of a comprehensive strategic document of 20-year cooperation, and some regional, global developments including the Syrian crisis and developments in Afghanistan plus the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after two decades of occupation.

Due to the extensive level of Tehran-Moscow relations in the past year and when the 13th government took office in Iran, the visit of high-ranking officials of the two states to each other's capitals has increased.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited Moscow and met with high-ranking officials on January 19, 2022.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has also visited Moscow twice in less than a year since the 13th government took office to discuss and exchange views on the expanding relations between the two states.

The development and expansion of comprehensive ties with various states of the world, especially neighboring countries, to make the US sanctions ineffective against the Iranians over the past four decades, has been one of the main priorities of the 13th administration and since it has been taking office, many agreements and documents have been signed between Iran and neighboring states.

Iran-Russia ties are always based on good neighborliness, but what has strengthened Iran-Russia relations is the "strategic solidarity" between the two countries.

President Raisi's visit to Moscow last year has always been a historic milestone in relations between the two countries, marking the beginning of a new chapter of strategic cooperation with the finalization of a new 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Russia.

In addition to the importance of political, security, and military cooperation, Russia is one of Iran's major trading partners, which has been enhancing its trade ties with Iran after US sanctions against Iran.

According to Iran's customs office's statistics, Tehran-Moscow trade exchanges were about $2 billion till the summer of 2021 and from the beginning of the 13th administration, which is aimed at $10 billion according to the policy of economic diplomacy and the development of relations with neighbors.

One of the common features of Tehran-Moscow relations is the imposition of broad US sanctions against both states, so the two sides are now looking to bolster relations, and even accelerate the regional ties, and cooperation has been continued at the Shanghai Organization with Iran's membership in the organization.

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