Biden-Lapid statement targets all Islamic states: Iran FM spox

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has emphasized that a joint statement by the United States’ President Joe Biden and Prime Minister of the Zionist regime Yair Lapid does not only targets Iran but dictates the regime’s superiority over Arab and Islamic countries.

Kanaani wrote on his Twitter account: In the joint Biden-Lapid statesment, on “stable and firm commitment of the US to maintain security and military superiority of Israel” has been emphasized.”

The spokesman also twitted: It should not be made mistake that the target is not merely Iran, but Arab and Islamic countries should constantly accept superiority of the Zionist regime.

Therefore, the main source of threat for the region is completely clear, he underlined.

The US president and Israeli premier signed a joint statement on their strategic partnership, which includes the United States’ official commitment to the region in particular concerning the regime’s constant allegation over preventing of the Islamic Republic from attaining atomic weapon.

In the joint statement, which was published by the White House’s official website on Thursday, Washington stressed on its steady abidance by maintaining and enhancing Tel Aviv’s capability in deterring its enemies and defending itself in the face of any threat or a combination of threats.

The anti-Iran statement also mentioned that the US underlines that one of the essentials of the commitment is complying with preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapon forever, and that the United States is prepared to utilize all elements of its national might to guarantee this matter.

In another part of the statement, Washington underscores the need for cooperation with other partners except the Zionist regime in order to stand against alleged hostile and destabilizing moves by the Islamic Republic, which claimed that are being implemented directly by Iran or indirectly by organizations such as Lebanese Hezbollah or Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

But in fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran has shown that the country tries to play a key role in maintaining regional peace and security as well as standing against the Zionist regime and the United States’ plots to destabilize the West Asia region.

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