President Raisi, Chinese counterpart review Iran-China strategic cooperation

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in a 60-minute phone talk reviewed major international and regional developments while emphasizing the need for evermore expansion and strengthening of strategic cooperation.

President Raisi and President Jinping in their Friday evening phone talk considered the US intervention in other countries’ internal affairs destructive and the result of Washington's unilateralist approach, which has become a serious threat against the global peace and security.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that respecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries are among the fundamental rules in the foreign policy of Iran, and in that framework, Tehran supports the firm China policy as a definite and fundamental rule in its foreign policy.

Raisi, meanwhile, stressed Iran’s resolute will for expansion of comprehensive relations with China, despite any international development, arguing that the independent cooperation of countries, based on securing their own national interests is the correct pattern of good governance in regional and international scenes.

He said that justice and fairness need to become prevalent in the new international world order, while any type of US effort to revive the cold war era in the world is a sign of the weakening and declining trend of the US hegemony in the world.

Reacting to Chinese president’s lauding the Iranian government’s policy of expansion of relations and cooperation with neighboring countries and its outstanding results so far, President Raisi emphasized: "This approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided the required basis for collective security in West Asia, and can be a good pattern for strengthening regional political trust and economic development."

He also emphasized that Iran in the same framework attaches great importance to securing peaceful navigation and transfer of energy.

The president, meanwhile, while focusing on ongoing negotiations to terminate sanctions, said that political decision making of the American side, as the only side that breached the 2005 agreement, and the need for termination of the illegal sanctions imposed by that country and 3rd parties are needed for reaching an agreement.

President Raisi also welcomed the expansion of multilateral economic cooperation in regional and extra-regional agreements, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRIX Group.

President Raisi and President Xi Jinping were also both pleased with the initiatives aimed at broadening bilateral cooperation, and boosting the annual bilateral trade volume during the past year, and reached agreement on strategies aimed at rapid expansion of cooperation, and fast implementation of the articles of the 25-year Comprehensive Cooperation Plan.

The Chinese president, for his part, appreciated President Raisi government’s efforts aimed at enhancing cooperation with China at the international, regional and bilateral scenes.

President Xi Jinping referred to the importance of Islamic Republic of Iran’s constructive role in securing regional stability, emphasizing that Beijing is opposed to resorting to political pressure, and unilateralist approaches.

He also emphasized that the Iran-China strategic relations are quite important for China, stressing that his country is determined to strengthen and broaden its key and strategic comprehensive cooperation, especially in security field for both countries.

Xi Jinping added that also the two countries’ economic and trade interactions, cooperation in infrastructure and energy fields, and generally speaking, full implementation of the 25-year Comprehensive Cooperation Document, is a long stride for both countries.

He said that accordingly, he will issue the required orders for expansion of comprehensive strategic relations with Iran, including in the economic field.

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