People, Army, Resistance Protecting Lebanon against Israel: Iranian Spokesman

Congratulating the Lebanese Hezbollah movement on the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry praised the Lebanese people, army, and resistance forces as the pillars of struggle against the Zionist regime.

In a post on his Twitter account on Tuesday, Nasser Kanaani congratulated Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah as well as the Lebanese government and nation on the 40th anniversary of foundation of the resistance movement, highlighted the constant victories for Hezbollah, and paid tribute to the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance, army and nation.

He said the triangle of “people, army and resistance” guarantees Lebanon’s independence and might and protects the Arab country against the Zionist regime’s greedy plots.

Hezbollah is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Lebanon. Since its founding, the movement has resisted heroically in the face of aggression, occupation, and arrogance.

Over the past four decades, Hezbollah has inflicted heavy defeats on Israeli occupiers and their allies, forcing them out of Lebanon twice.

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