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30 September 2022 - 15:58
Iran summons French charge d’affaires

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned French charge d’affaires to Tehran over an interventionist statement by the French Foreign Ministry, participation of three state ministers of the country in anti-Iran rallies in Paris, and a heinous act by Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The French charge d’affaires was summoned to Iranian Foreign Ministry in the absence of the country’s ambassador to Tehran.

The head of the Second Bureau of West Europe at Iran’s Foreign Ministry told the French diplomat that Iran strongly condemns the intervention of the French Foreign Ministry and some French officials in Iran’s domestic affairs.

The statement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to purify the rioters who had no other goal but to destroy public property and people's lives and property, the official said.    

He blamed the French officials of playing a dual role, by hosting grouplets that have been directly involved in unrests across Iran over the past years and in the recent one on the one hand and by condemning the Iranian Police for clashing with the same rioters on the other hand.  

The official reminded the French diplomat of the way the French Police dealt with the yellow vest protesters who had disrupted the country’s peace and security.

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