Exports of oil, gas condensates continue despite sanctions

Iranian Petroleum Minister said that country’s exports of crude oil and gas condensate to the target markets are ongoing incessantly despite the US sanctions.

Speaking on Sunday, the Iranian oil minister Javad Owji said that exports of crude oil, gas condensate and oil products is underway without any problem.

Fortunately, the Ministry of Petroleum has been able to invigorate the exports of crude oil and gas condensate as compared to the last few years after finding new target markets.

The minister stressed that there has been no stop in the exports of crude oil and Western countries especially the United States have repeatedly acknowledged that.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the oil minister pointed to the sanctions imposed against the country and added sanctions imposed by Western countries have not had any effect on the oil exports of the country.

With the new solutions put forward by officials of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the ministry has been able to find good and attractive target markets for the export of crude oil, gas condensates and petrochemical products.

Today, the issue of energy security is of the great importance in the world that must be taken into serious consideration, the Owji added.

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