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16 October 2022 - 21:10
Iran terms Biden’s remarks as "interventionist"

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that the United States is used to fishing in troubled waters; but here is Iran [and the US cannot do so].

Nasser Kanaani said so through an Instagram post in response to US President Joe Biden’s interventionist remarks.

Since the beginning of the recent developments, President Biden has repeatedly supported the unrest in Iran through interventionist remarks, Kanaani wrote.

Saying that Biden has neither good memory nor trustworthy advisors, he reminded Biden that Iran was powerful and tenacious enough not to yield to the empty threats and unfair sanctions.

Kanaani went on to write that Iran is so dignified that it will not be shaken by the interference of a politician who is tired of years of fruitless measures against Iran.

He added that neither Biden's remarks nor US interventions surprise us because intervention, invasion, and massacre are US's true nature. 

Referring to the 1953 US-led coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, he underlined that history and every corner of the globe testify that the world is covered with scars of US crimes and aggression.

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