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21 October 2022 - 22:29
FM Spox reacts to Canada sanctions on Iranian media

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan’ani said that imposing sanctions on Iranian media shows the absurdity of the West's slogan on freedom of expression.

Reacting to Canada's new sanctions against Iranian media, Kan’ani wrote on his Instagram page that the US administration’s sanctions frenzy has gone viral and is quickly spreading to its friends.

Sanctioning "Tasnim News Agency", "Kayhan Newspaper", "Noor News", and "Fars News Agency", the managing editor of Kayhan newspaper, the incumbent and former head of the IRIB and its reporter is the latest sanction list of the Canadian government against Iran and Iranians, he added.

This was not the first act of the Canadian government in sanctioning Iranian media, the country had previously sanctioned "Press TV", an English-language Iranian news channel, he noted.

From the point of view of the Canadian government and its anti-Iranian western partners, the Iranians do not have the right to vote and express their opinions in addition to economic sanctions. Unless they speak like them and in their own cultural language, like Iran International, Manoto, etc.

Sanctioning the Iranian media and people is a violation of a part of the fundamental rights of the Iranian people to convey their voice and opinion to the world, and also shows the absurdity of the West's slogan regarding free access to information and freedom of expression, the Iranian diplomat said.

He went on to say that resorting to force and sanctions by Canada in order not to hear the voices of others is not so surprising.

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