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12 November 2022 - 23:45
Gharibabadi criticizes US, West false narrations

Deputy Chief of the Iranian Judiciary and secretary of the High Council for Human Rights said on Saturday that Iran will not allow the US and West to divert the minds of countries with their contradictory and false narrations.

Kazem Gharibabadi has traveled to New York to attend the meetings of the Third Committee of the General Assembly and to hold bilateral and multilateral consultations.

Speaking to Iranian media reporters in New York on Saturday, Gharibabadi said that unfortunately, human rights have become more politicized today than ever before, adding that the countries especially the US and some Western countries that consider themselves as the flag-bearers of the defense in the human rights issues, they broadly violate human rights in their own territory or other countries, so these states are in no way competent to be the flag-bearer of human rights in the world.

Referring to the US and some Western states’ claims about the protection of the human rights of the Iranians during the recent riots that have taken place inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gharibabadi said that those people addressed by the US and West are the same people whose lives have been seriously affected by unilateral sanctions of the US besides the same European countries that would have always implemented the sanctions.

He reiterated that thousands of innocent Iranians died due to the lack of vaccines and medicines at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 due to illegal and oppressive unilateral sanctions and the lack of money transfers through financial channels.

Iran has 17,000 victims of terror by the same terrorists who now reside in European countries and the United States and live in a safe western paradise, Gharibabadi said, adding that how do these European countries and the United States talk about protecting the human rights of the Iranians? If they feel sorry for the human rights of the Iranians, they should lift sanctions and bring terrorists to justice and hold them responsible and expel them from their countries!

Referring to the purpose of his trip to New York, Gharibabadi stated that he is in New York to attend the meetings of the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly due to human rights issues that are being discussed these days.

He further noted that he is in New York for consultations with various groups of countries and officials of the United Nations to disclose a correct narrative of the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran during the recent riots inside the country and elaborate on the destructive role of some states in this issue.

He highlighted that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow the US and the West to divert the minds of countries with their contradictory and false narrations.

Now, the US, some European states, and their allies term the current situation in Iran as so-called peaceful demonstrations, he underlined.

We have witnessed in the recent weeks in the country that not only Iran’s laws but also international criteria for holding peaceful demonstrations have been violated, he further noted.

So far, over 1,200 places, cars, and motorcycles, including cars of public transportation and ambulances, have been set on fire and damaged by rioters, the official stated.

More than 40 individuals who were the protectors of public security have been martyred during unrests, Gharibabadi said, noting that over some thousands of the forces have been wounded.

Tens of thousands of firearms and weaponry from the riot instigators have been seized, he pointed out.

He hastened to say that “how are we supposed to describe this? A peaceful demonstration?”

Peaceful demonstrations must be supported and guaranteed, but non-peaceful ones must be prosecuted as they jeopardize the security in the society, he underscored.

Iran will not turn a blind eye to the incidents that took place by the rioters and terrorists backed by the US and some European states, he pointed out.

The legal process of the incidents will be extremely fair, he further noted.

Over 90 percent of the detainees were released at the onset of the unrests, he said.

Gharibabadi ruled out some media hype that 14,000 people have been detained in Iran during the unrests and said, "We completely reject this figure. This is not true at all.”

Commenting on the destructive role of Instagram and Twitter during the unrests, he said that

Instagram has created millions of posts and thousands of accounts in the last seven weeks. Authorized entities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have gathered all the documentation on promoting violence, promoting the sale of firearms, and inciting people to take to the streets and vandalize public and private property, he pointed out.

Responsible entities in the Islamic Republic of Iran corresponded with Meta, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram, that these accounts should be removed, as these are even contrary to the Instagram code, he said, adding that they did not take action and did not shut down any pages.

We will not forget that after the cowardly assassination of Martyr Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, nearly three years ago, they removed millions of posts and accounts containing only the name of the Martyr, he said.

Under what excuse did Instagram delete these accounts and posts?, he raised the question, adding that It announced that it would remove them to prevent violence.

Now, why do not they remove these millions of posts and thousands of pages that promote violence? he asked.

During the past month in which there is unrest in the country, Twitter has created more than 50,000 fake accounts ordered by the US, he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said they have resorted to a hybrid war against Iran.

They are doomed to failure because Iran’s nation is opposed to riots and rioters, he said, adding that Iranians have come onto the scene nationwide several times.

They have presently come to international organizations to take the advantage of the UN and the Human Rights Council to pile political pressure on Iran, he noted.

On October  27, 2022, Gharibabadi said that “Terrorists continue to target innocent Iranian civilians”.

He added that “Over 17,000 people have been assassinated in Iran in 4 decades. Based in the US & Europe, the terrorists enjoy their unwavering backing. Why are the human rights mechanisms silent about the deadly Shiraz terrorist attack?”

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