Iran’s top rights official urges Germany to end ‘deceptive policies’

Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi on Thursday called on Germany to end what he called its deceptive policies on human rights.

Gharibabadi also denounced the Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council on Iran held in Geneva on the same day, terming it a “deceptive and fraudulent” move against the country. The session followed a request made by Germany and Iceland on November 11.  

Gharibabadi, who also serves as Iran’s deputy judiciary chief for international affairs, made the reactions on his twitter page.

“FM of German regime made a deceptive statement before the HRC today. Germany is the very country that equipped Saddam’s regime with chemical weapons, thereby killing over 13,000 Iranian citizens and injuring 100,000, including women and children in Kurdish city of Sardasht,” his first tweet said.

“German regime which still violates human rights of Iranians through inhumane unilateral sanctions and its dark record as an accomplice in assassination of Gen. Soleimani, should end its deceptive and forgery policy in the field of human rights.”

“While the rights of Iranians have widely been violated by the US, UK, Germany and France due to the imposition of UCMs and provision of support to, and hosting of terrorists who assassinated 17,000 innocent Iranians, holding a special session on Iran, is deceptive and fraudulent.”

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