US soccer federation backs down from distortion of Iran’s flag

The Twitter account of the US men's national football team replaced Iran's manipulated flag with the original one after Tehran's strong reaction.

In a hostile and provocative move, the US men's national soccer team removed the name "Allah" from the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the team's official Twitter account, which caused Tehran’s strong reaction and also could have consequences for the US national football team.

The US Soccer Federation is displaying Iran's national flag on social media without the emblem of the Islamic Republic.

In a strong reaction, the Iranian Football Federation sent an email to the International Football Federation (FIFA), condemning the US Soccer Federation's attempt to change the Iranian national flag and announcing its official complaint.

Following Iran's objecting email to FIFA, as well as the possible penalties resulting from using the manipulated flag by the US, which is considered an insult to the symbol of an independent country, the US men's national football team's account removed the manipulated image of the Islamic Republic flag and replaced it with the original flag.

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