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16 January 2023 - 23:16
Iran spox reacts to UK officials increased rhetoric

The Iranian foreign ministry's spokesman Nasser Kan'ani has condemned the increased rhetoric by the UK officials after the execution of the MI6 spy Alireza Akbari.

"UK's action in violating the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been met with Iran's decisive intelligence and judicial response," Nasser Kan'ani said in a post on his Twitter account on Monday about the increased rant and rave by the UK officials after the execution of Alireza Akbari.

The spokesman added, "The increased rhetoric of the UK regime and the support of some of the so-called human rights advocates in Europe for London show their lawlessness and violations of based-on-justice laws."

"The UK regime, whose royal family member considers the killing of 25 innocent people as the removal of a chess piece and is not ashamed of it, along with those who turn a blind eye to this war crime, are not entitled to preach others about human rights," he concluded.

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