More proof to personal motive behind Azerbaijan embassy attack

Iran’s Judiciary has announced that there are more indications that a personal motive was behind the Friday attack on Azerbaijan Republic’s embassy in Tehran.

According to the public relations office of the Judiciary (, immediately after the fatal attack on the embassy at 8:25 local time Friday morning, Tehran Prosecutor Mohammad Shahriari arrives at the place, and the initial probe into the crime showed that the attacker had a personal motive to commit the armed attack.

The attacker confessed that his wife entered the embassy in Tehran in the spring and never came back home.

Then, the attacker asked the embassy staff for information about his wife, but they did not answer him appropriately, so he decided to assault the diplomatic mission.

The attacker’s background shows that he filed a lawsuit in Urmia, West Azarbaijan Province, over his missing wife, who was from Baku, the capital city of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Legal investigations showed that his wife had returned to Azerbaijan, so the case was closed by the Iranian authorities, but the man continued to follow up on the issue from Iran’s Foreign Ministry and Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran.

His wife with the help of her two family members traveled to the Azerbaijan Republic and did not return to Iran.

Early in the morning, the man stayed in a car in front of the embassy, then enter the diplomatic building, and started shooting at people, which left one dead and two others injured.

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