Spox reacts to opening of Zionist regime embassy in Manama

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson reacted to the opening of the Zionist Israeli regime embassy in Bahrain, describing it as in contradiction with the human and international duties of Islamic countries.

Nasser Kan'ani, the spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the remarks on Tuesday when he was responding to the journalists' questions regarding the visit of the foreign minister of the Zionist Israeli regime to Bahrain and the official opening of the embassy of that regime in Manama.

"While the Zionist regime, due to the deep and growing internal crises and the spread of opposition and criticism from inner  the international community and human rights bodies are in a position of weakness and decline and destruction as a result of its daily crimes against the Palestinians, any acts of compromise by Islamic countries with the occupying regime of holy Quds is far from political wisdom and comes in contradiction with the humanitarian, moral and international responsibilities of these countries to support the inalienable rights of the Palestinian nation," the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry said.

He added that the compromise and normalizing ties with the usurping regime by a few Islamic states neither saves the regime from falling apart, nor it undermines the firm will of the Palestinians to liberate their lands from the Zionist criminals.

Kan'ani further pointed to the recent demonstrations by the Libyans against normalizing ties with the Israeli regime as a good example of Muslim nations wrath against the actions by some Arab rulers in normalizing ties with the regime.

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