Iran possesses missiles esp. designed for hitting Israel

Iran's Defense Ministry Spokesperson Brigadier General Reza Talaee Nik has said that Tehran has built missiles that are particularly designed to target the occupied Palestinian lands under the control of the Israeli regime.

"Today, we possess missiles which we have named Israel-hitting missiles as their prime target is the Occupied Territories," General Talaee Nik said in a ceremony held to commemorate the martyrs in the city of Kabudarahang in the western province of Hamedan on Sunday.

The Iranian military spokesman further noted, "Our weapon system is designed proportionately according to the threats."

He explained more that "This system was built by local experts and named after General Qassem Soleimani. It is called an Israeli-hitting missile."

He went on to talk about Haj Qassem missile more saying that it is combined solid fuel and is 11 meters in length. It weighs about 7 tons and has a 500 kg warhead, he added.

General Talaee Nik further said that the speed of the Israeli-hitting missile is Mach 12 while its speed of hitting the ground is Mach 5.

The spokesman further noted that the range of the missile is 1400 km while it can be increased to about 1700 to 1800 km.

The military spokesman elsewhere said in his remarks that Iran is a top military power in the region and that no one can ignore its role in regional developments.

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