Israeli ‘killing machine’ have to be stopped: Raeisi

– Iranian president stressed that Muslim countries and free nations in the world must take a “decisive and immediate” action to stop the Israeli “killing machine,” against the defenseless Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

In a phone call with Omani Sultan Haitham bin Tarik on Saturday, Raeisi warned the unlimited support by Western countries, particularly the United States, for the crimes of Israel has led to more complications and deterioration of the situation, Press TV reported.

He said the Palestinian resistance groups launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm following the intensification of the regime’s crimes in recent months. The operation, he said, has upset the Zionist-Western calculations.

The Iranian president also raised the alarm about plots by Israel and its allies to carry out a massacre in Gaza and force the Palestinians to evacuate the city as the Tel Aviv regime continues to cut off water and electricity and prevents the entry of medicine and food.

Omani Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, for his part, voiced support for the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in defense of the oppressed people of Palestine and stated that "we should not allow the policy of displacing the oppressed people of Palestine and imposing displacement on them to happen once again."

The Sultan further agreed with the opinion asserted by the President of Iran regarding the power and capabilities of the Islamic Ummah to stop the ongoing process of oppression and violence in Gaza, and noted, "We are in contact with all parties who can be effective and play a role in stopping these crimes."

The president has also held with the prime minister of Iraq and the Emir of Qatar to discuss the Zionist regime's war on Gaza following its defeat against the Palestinian resistance in the Al-Aqsa Storm operation. 

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