Unified stance of Muslim world could have prevented Zionist's oppression

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said that the unified position of the Islamic world during the unprecedented atrocities of the Zionist regime and its Western supporters in Gaza could have more effectively prevented the oppression and aggression of the Zionist regime and excessive demands of its Western supporters.

President Raisi made the remarks while receiving a copy of the credentials of Saudi Arabia's and Tunisian ambassadors in separate meetings in Tehran on Tuesday.

Referring to the 75-year-old oppression by Zionists against defenseless and innocent Palestinian people, he underlined that the lack of unified position by Islamic countries has led to the continuation of the killings and aggression of Zionists against Palestinians in these years.

Describing Iran and Saudi Arabia as two significant countries in the region, President Raisi emphasized that using mutual capacities and expanding ties between the two countries will be effective in developing and strengthening regional cooperation and resolving regional and Islamic world issues.

He reiterated that the presence of foreigners in the region not only solves any problems but is itself a cause of exacerbating the problems.

Saudi Ambassador to Iran Abdullah bin Saud Al-Anzi, for his part, termed Iran and Saudi Arabia’s ties very strong and called for strengthening mutual ties and cooperation.

In a separate meeting with Tunisia's ambassador to Tehran Imad Al-Rahmuni, President Raisi said that the sad tragedy and inhuman crimes that are being committed by the Zionist regime and with the direct support of the Americans in Gaza these days are an embarrassment to those countries that have gone on to normalize relations with the racist and criminal Zionist regime.

Raisi thanked the Tunisian president's position in rejecting the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime.

Al-Rahmuni, for his part, called the convergence of the Islamic countries essential to the realization of the Palestinian people's aspiration and said that Tunisia, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, will stand with Palestine until the Palestinians’ rights are fully reclaimed.

Referring to the common religious and cultural ties between Iran and Tunisia, he emphasized the serious will of his country to develop relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields, especially increasing the level of trade and economic ties. 

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