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3 November 2023 - 23:51
Nasrallah: The war may spread from the Lebanese front

Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has referred to the Zionist regime's crimes, saying the war may spread from the Lebanese front and turn into a large-scale battle.

Addressing a commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of Quds, Nasrallah said on Friday that the Al-Aqsa storm operation has spread on more than one front and in more than one arena.

We do not have a more, legal, humane, moral, and religious battle than the war with the Zionists, he added.

Saluting "the legendary people of Palestine and those residing in Gaza who have no equal in the world", he noted that the US is managing the war and should pay the price.

What happened in Gaza was necessary to raise the Palestinian issue again as the first issue in the world, Nasrallah said.

The Al-Aqsa storm operation caused a security, military, and psychological earthquake in Israel, and no matter what this regime does, it cannot escape the great influence of this destructive operation, he noted.

He went on to say that the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation revealed the weakness and humiliation of the Zionist regime and showed more than ever that Israel is really weaker than a spider's web.

The United States hastened to regain control of the situation of this shaky creature, to put it back on its feet and protect it, Hezbollah chief said.

Zionists believe more than others that Israel is weaker than a spider's web, he reiterated.

The Al-Aqsa storm operation and the sacrifices in Gaza after that have brought the struggle of the Palestinian nation and the regional nations against Israel to a new historical stage, he stated.

The world will realize that most of the civilians who are claimed to be killed by Hamas, were killed by the Israeli army, he said.

One of the most important mistakes that the Israelis have made is setting high-level goals that they cannot achieve. First, they talked about the complete destruction of Hamas and now they are constantly reducing their goals, he added.

The Zionist regime has been carrying out aerial bombardment for nearly 30 days. But, it has not achieved any field achievements, except killing children, Nasrallah said.

The end of this battle will be the victory of Gaza and the defeat of the enemy, he emphasized.

Killing the people of Gaza revealed all the false masks with which the Zionist regime wanted to deceive the Islamic countries and push them towards normalization, he said.

We must be aware of the fact that the US is fully responsible for what is happening in Gaza and Israel is only an executive tool, he added.

Americans are managing the war in Gaza and they should pay for their aggression, he noted.

US bases in Iraq and Syria are exposed to resistance attacks and this decision is wise and brave, Hezbollah chief said.

The Al-Aqsa Storm Operation is the battle of humanity against brutality represented by the US, England, and Israel, he noted.

What is happening in Gaza is not a war like other previous wars, but a decisive and historic battle, he stressed.

The first goal that must be worked for day and night is to stop the war and encroachment on the Gaza Strip, he said, adding that the second one is the victory of the Resistance and Hamas in Gaza.

Victory in Gaza means victory for the people of Palestine, Holy Quds, Al-Aqsa, the West Bank as well as prisoners, he said.

The victory of Gaza is the victory of all Islamic countries and the region and is in line with the national interests of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, etc., Nasrallah noted.

Arab and Islamic countries and governments should stop exporting oil, gas, and food to Israel, he advised.

Commenting on the activities of the Resistance Axis, he said that the Islamic resistance in Iraq has announced that it may enter a new stage.

The brave, noble, and oppressed people of Yemen have fired their missiles and drones at the Israeli military bases and will continue to do so, he added.

Many wonder when will Hezbollah enter the battle, he said, answering, "We have entered into a real battle since October 8, and only those who are really present at the border can feel it."

We will not be satisfied with this amount of fighting and will increase the strikes against the Zionist regime, he said.

The operations of Hezbollah, which started and intensified, made the enemy keep his forces on the border and mobilize more of them. The Lebanese front has involved a major part of the Israeli forces that were to be used to attack Gaza.

Hezbollah's operations against the Zionist regime show our solidarity with Gaza and its people to reduce the pressure on them. Since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Storm Operation, they have threatened us that the American carriers and fighters will bombard us if Hezbollah enters. These threats do not deter us, Nasrallah said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasrallah warned the US administration, saying: "Your threats are not useful. Your ships do not scare us. I tell you that we have a complete plan to destroy them in case of a mistake on your part."

You can stop the aggression in Gaza, because this aggression is under your management and leadership, and anyone who wants to prevent a regional war should hurry to stop the aggression in Gaza, he added.

Gaza and Palestine will win. Our perseverance and patience will lead to a definite victory, Nasrallah said.

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