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Zionist regime real threat to international peace, security

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman described the nature of the Zionist regime threatening, stating that if the crimes of this regime continue in Gaza, there is a serious possibility of expanding the conflict in the region.

Speaking in his weekly presser on Monday, Nasser Kan’ani referred to the uncountable number of Zionist crimes during the last month and stated that this modern-day genocide and barbarism is being carried out in front of the eyes of the world and with the support of several Western countries, including the US.

Kan’ani noted that the US has prevented the Security Council from fulfilling its duties and has held this Council and international peace and security hostage to itself by abusing its power. 

Regarding the statement of a Zionist minister on using atomic bombs against Gaza, he emphasized that considering the vicious and rebellious behavior of the Israeli regime, this threat must be taken into account by the international community.

Iran observes the silence of the human rights claimants in Western countries who support the regime, he said, adding that these are who have been making noises against imaginary and unreal threats for years, but have remained silent in front of this real threat.

Zionist regime is a real threat to international peace and security more than ever, he stressed, pointing out that the US government and some specific Western countries are directly responsible for the current crimes and any other crimes of the Zionist regime.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated" We hope that the United Nations will pay special attention to this issue and take immediate action in this regard".

Iran has seriously put this issue on the agenda, planning to consult and correspond with the United Nations and its Secretary-General to justify the Security Council regarding its responsibility for the Zionist threat, Kan’ani added.

Iraq PM discuss Gaza with Iran officials

Regarding the Iraqi Prime Minister's visit to Tehran, Kan'ani said that the issue of developments in Gaza is be one of the main topics in his meeting with the high officials of Iran.

Israel- Gaza war to expand in region

Kan'ani noted that if Zionist crimes against Gaza continue, there is a possibility of expanding the scope of war in the region.

"If the international community does not take effective and serious action, every conflict is possible," he noted.

EU has responsibility regarding Zionist attack on Gaza

Regarding Ali Bagheri Kani's trip to Geneva and his meeting with European Union’s coordinator Enrique Mora, he noted that this trip is in the framework of Iran's talks with the European Union and its political officials, focusing on the developments in Gaza, and the responsibility that directed at the European Union.

Considering European views regarding international peace, security, and human rights, they have the responsibility to make the necessary efforts to stop the criminal attacks of the Zionists against the people of Gaza.

Iran, Afghanistan officials talk about economic issues

Regarding the meeting of the acting first deputy prime minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar with the Iran foreign minister, he stated that the main topic of this meeting was economic issues, adding that border issues and water rights were discussed in bilateral talks.

Palestinians have legitimate right to defend their territory

Iran considers the resistance of the Palestinian nation against the occupying regime to be their inalienable right, he emphasized, pointing out that Iran has always supported this legitimate right with all its strength and courage, and will continue this support until the liberation of the Palestinians.

The US government is not neutral on the issue of the chronic and deep-rooted crisis in Palestine, and it has shown that it is one side of the continuing part of this crisis over many years, the Iranian diplomat expressed, emphasizing that the US government has been part of the war until now and has prevented using the capacity of the Security Council to end the Zionist crimes.

Blinken’s anti-Iran accusations part of US's efforts to divert public opinions

Regarding Blinken's visit to Baghdad and his statements about Iran, Kan'ani said that Iran does not command or forbid its friends and allies in the region, and it never has such a relationship with its friends and Resistance in the region.

He referred to the Al-Aqsa storm operation which was a decision completely related to the Palestinian Resistance, both in execution and in design and decision.

Iran, Taliban delegation discuss water rights, border issues

Regarding the Taliban's adherence to its commitments, including Hirmand water rights, he stated that the consolidation of stability and peace for Afghanistan and helping the welfare of the people of this country is important for Iran.

He added that interaction and cooperation with Afghanistan in this framework is ongoing in the political and economic fields, border security, and the issue of water rights.  

Iran to mediate for Israeil-Hamas prisoners exchange

Regarding the visit of Ismail Haniyeh, chairman of Hamas's political bureau to Tehran and the trip of Amir-Abdollahian to Qatar about exchanging prisoners, he noted that Iran is a party to the dialogue and requests from some countries whose citizens were present as laborers in the Palestinian territories.

Iran conveyed the requests of these countries to the officials of Hamas, Kan'ani said, informing that the Hamas side is ready to help from a human perspective and there is an exchange of opinions regarding the implementation method.

Iran reacts to US statement 

He made remarks regarding the recent statement of the US Foreign Ministry, condemning the occupation of the US Embassy and its warning for citizens of this country not to travel to Iran, saying that the US government's actions are a clear example of human rights violations against the citizens of other countries. 

Forcing Palestinians to migrate definite violation of Human Rights

Referring to the forced displacement of Palestinians, he said “One of the crimes of the Zionist regime which is one of the most obvious cases of the violation of international laws is their attempt to relocate the large number of Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip”.

Attempting to relocate the people of Gaza is a definite violation of international law, he stressed.

He said that the general invasion of this regime in the Gaza Strip and the attempts to dominate the territory there, based on the Hague Convention of 1907 and the Fourth Geneva Convention and the First Additional Protocol of this Convention is a clear violation of humanitarian rights and a clear violation of human rights. 

This is an open genocide and a war crime that should be brought to the attention of the international community, including the Security Council, Kan'ani said.

US recent movement in region political cover 

About the US movements in the region, Kan'ani added that these are the continuation of this country's attempt to cover Zionist crimes.

Regarding the US realization of the Zionist regime's failure, it is looking for a tangible result to change the situation in its favor.

Iran, Turkey FMs discuss developments in Gaza

Referring to Iran's foreign minister's visit to Turkey, he added that Iran and Turkey are two important countries in the region that play influential roles in important regional issues, he said that the minister's visit was related to the developments in Gaza.

The two countries emphasized ending the crimes, sending humanitarian aid, and preventing the forced displacement of Palestinian citizens living in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime, he added.

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