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9 November 2023 - 15:28
Iran to G7: Stop supporting killing of Gazan children

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has censured the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven to release a joint statement in condemnation of Hamas and in support of the Israeli regime’s attacks on Gaza.

Nasser Kanaani said the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly castigates such a statement and believes that it is ungrounded and rejected, IRNA reported on Thursday.

Through their joint statement issued in the Japanese capital on Wednesday, the foreign ministers of the seven countries of the US, Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and Japan condemned the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) and supported the Zionist regime’s right to defend itself.

The G7 was expected to fulfill its international responsibility for condemning the regimes’ anti-human rights measures in Gaza, ceasing support for criminal wars and massacres in Gaza, making effort to immediately halt military attacks on Gaza and lift its siege and helping people in Gaza have access to international humanitarian aid, the spokesman underlined.

Occupation of Palestinian nation’s lands, massacre, genocide, the annihilation of residential units and farms, attacks on Islamic and religious sites, hospitals and medical centers, killing of children and humiliation of the Palestinians are just a few examples of the crimes being committed by the Israeli regime, Kanaani noted.

He went on to say that it is regretful that those who have created the fake Zionist regime and supported the Zionists’ crimes against the Palestinians have changed the positions of the oppressors and the oppressed in order to ungrounded claim that the Palestinian resistance groups are creating insecurity and tension in the region.

The spokesman once again rejected the unfounded claims made by the G7 in their statement against Palestine and Lebanon and the Group's unrelated demand from the Islamic Republic.

From the outset of the crisis in Gaza, the Islamic Republic of Iran has started non-stop efforts to help cease the Zionists’ military attacks on Gaza and protect lives of the defenseless civilians there, the spokesman stressed adding that those efforts still continue.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman reiterated that nuclear weapon has no position in the Islamic Republic’s military doctrine, and this issue has already been declared over and over.

History shows that the military presence of ultra-regional countries is the main cause of creating insecurity and fanning the flames of instability in the region.

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