Iran says had success in mobilizing Muslim world against Israel

Iran says its diplomatic efforts to mobilize Arab and Islamic countries and draw public attention to the crimes of the Zionist regime have proven to be successful.

Speaking at a press conference in Tehran on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that since the onset of the Israeli war on Gaza, Iran has focused on stopping the war, lifting the blockade, immediately opening a way to send humanitarian aid to the coastal enclave, and countering the policy of forced displacement of the people of Gaza.

Iran’s foreign minister has had three phone calls with his Egyptian counterpart, and a good meeting was also held on the sidelines of the recent summit Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Riyadh between the presidents of the two countries, Kanaani said.

He further explained that the opening of the Rafah crossing was among the key agendas of Iran’s talks with Egypt.

He also said the holding of the OIC summit was a success, adding that the meeting was held as a result of the diplomatic efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as Saudi Arabia’s constructive cooperation.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran presented its points in the expert meetings for drafting the final resolution, and at the end of the meeting, Iran’s reservations were officially sent to the secretariat of this organization,” the spokesman noted.

He hastened to add, however, that although the meeting was necessary, it was not enough.

“The Palestinian nation expects that the Islamic governments, in addition to holding meetings and issuing firm statements, take practical measures as well,” he noted, adding that severing political and economic relations with the Zionist regime and expelling the regime’s ambassadors should be on the agenda of the Islamic governments.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has expressed concern over the lack of a deterrent global response to the actions of the Zionist regime, pointing out that hospitals in Gaza are being targeted, and essential services like water, power, and fuel are being cut off, leading to the loss of innocent lives.

The spokesperson emphasized that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)‎’s statements are directed at the governments of the United States, England, France, and Germany, stressing that the world must act against the savage regime that is supported by the US and that Washington is complicit in committing unspeakable crimes.

Kanaani also expressed Iran’s hope that the world will intervene to prevent these crimes and assist the people of Gaza. He also expressed hope that the governments that have so far hindered a ceasefire will allow the United Nations Security Council to fulfill its peacekeeping duties.

Despite the substantial aid sent by Iran and other countries to Gaza, the aid has not reached the people due to the Zionist regime’s interference. Most of the aid is stored in Egypt, according to the spokesperson.

The spokesperson further added that the amount of aid is like a drop in the ocean, which indicated a violation of all international humanitarian laws and principles by the Zionist regime. He expressed Iran’s expectation for Egypt to make more significant efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, a topic that has been a point of discussion in talks with the Egyptian side.

Relations between Iran and Egypt

On the latest developments concerning the Iran-Egypt relationship, the spokesman stated that a recent meeting between the presidents of the two countries in Riyadh is of great importance and that it is considered a significant event in strengthening mutual political ties.

Kanaani noted that the Iranian side has a positive assessment of the meeting on the sidelines of the extraordinary summit of leaders of the OIC in Riyadh.

The foreign ministers of both countries are tasked to take practical steps and hold meetings in order to strengthen bilateral relations, he said, arguing that the Iranian authorities consider the enhancement of ties beneficial for both countries and even for other states in the West Asia region.

According to the diplomat, the two presidents had good discussions regarding the Palestinian issue and the significance of opening the Rafah border crossing.

As to the appointment of Iran’s ambassador to Yemen, he said that the Islamic Republic plans to dispatch an envoy to the Arab country, but the improvement of circumstances in the war-stricken nation would obviously pave the way for appointing and sending an ambassador.

Taliban delegation visit to Iran

In respect to a visit by a Taliban delegation to Iran, he noted that this was a promising trip and they signed five memoranda of understanding, mainly focusing on trade exchanges, and that the visit provided the two countries with a new opportunity to strengthen their cooperation in line with their mutual interests.

The FM spokesman also said that the Iranian and Afghan officials discussed the issue of water rights from the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

Iran’s support for Palestinian resistance no secret

Elsewhere in his presser, Kanaani said Iran’s support for the Palestinian resistance against the illegitimate Zionist regime “is not a secret and we do not hide it.”

“We have stated many times that the resistance groups in the region do not take orders from Iran, nor do we give any orders,” he stated, urging the US to correct its own “unacceptable” actions in support of the Zionist regime instead of making unfounded accusations against the Islamic Republic.

He said Iran has expressed its concern about the spread of the war from the very beginning and has warned that the continuation of the US support for the crimes of the Zionist regime and opposition to the establishment of a ceasefire can lead to the opening of new fronts.

“The US has to understand that only by immediately stopping the killings, removing the total blockade, and withdrawing the military from the region can it prevent the possibility of the war spreading to other regions,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

He added, “This completely depends on the behavior of the Zionist regime and the US government as its sponsor.”

Kanaani then reiterated Iran’s position on the issue of Palestine, saying the Islamic Republic believes in the formation of a single Palestinian state from the river to the sea.

“Ayatollah Raisi also emphasized this in Riyadh. Iran’s diplomatic solution, which has been submitted to the United Nations, is to hold a comprehensive referendum that would include all Palestinian citizens. Iran’s position regarding the Palestinian issue is clear and has not changed.”

Kanaani mentioned that despite the US officials’ messages indicating they were not seeking to expand the war and urging Iran to prevent the escalation, the actions on the ground contradict these messages. He emphasized that the US must answer for its support of the Zionist regime and its failure to adopt a resolution to end the regime’s attacks.

He pointed out the contradiction in the stance of US government officials and some supporters of the Zionist regime, who claim it is not the time for a ceasefire despite the challenging situation. Kanaani stressed that ending the Zionist regime’s war against Gaza is a global demand.

He highlighted that over 50 countries announced in Riyadh their desire for a ceasefire in Gaza, and more than 120 countries expressed at the United Nations their wish to end the war. The global community continues to voice this demand, yet the US government and certain European countries are not complying. This, Kanaani said, underscores the global demand for an end to the war.

Iran and Iraq security ties

Regarding the security ties between Iran and Iraq, Kanaani stated that the Iraqi authorities have provided Iran with updates on the implementation of the security agreement. They have recently highlighted the strengthening of security facilities at the border areas with northwestern Iran. All issues raised by the joint security committee of both countries will be pursued.

Condition of Hamid Nouri

On the subject of Hamid Nouri’s condition, the diplomat clarified that the Islamic Republic has a clear stance. Tehran demands Nouri’s unconditional release from jail and an appropriate trial. Iran hopes for a fair verdict following the lengthy court process for the Iranian citizen. Iranian officials have consistently brought up this issue in their discussions with Swedish authorities.

Russian president's message to Iranian counterpart

The spokesperson also mentioned a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi. He noted that the exchange of diplomatic messages between Iran and Russia is not unusual, as the heads of the two countries have various issues to discuss. Therefore, the delivery of President Putin’s message to his Iranian counterpart is part of their routine diplomatic relationship

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