Four diplomats have said it is now unlikely for the IAEA Board of Governors to ratify a resolution against Iran in an upcoming meeting.

They told Reuters that it was imperative to avoid a diplomatic and nuclear escalation with Iran while attention is focused on the war in Gaza.

Western powers in September had threatened to pass a binding resolution against Tehran.

The diplomats, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said "a less inflammatory move", such as a firm non-binding statement was more likely for now.

"We can't have a resolution," said a senior European diplomat. "If we were to pass a resolution ... it risks pushing them (the Iranians) over the edge ... to 90% enrichment."

Two diplomats said all that could be done in coming months was to support IAEA chief Rafael Grossi's efforts to strengthen oversight of Iran's nuclear program. He has been seeking to re-designate his inspectors before the end of the year.

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