Zionists accepted truce after suffering defeat on battlefield

Ziyad al-Nakhala, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad, said that the Zionist Israeli regime accepted the ceasefire after its failure in the Gaza battle against the Palestinian Resistance movement.

"The truce clearly showed admitting to the defeat that the enemy suffered in its extensive ground offensive and air attacks," Nakhala said in a statement on Friday a few hours after the Zionist Israeli regime and the Hamas movement's four-day ceasefire took effect

"Had it not been for the losses on the battlefield, Zionist regime would not have agreed to the cease-fire agreement and the exchange of prisoners," he noted.

"In the future, we will force the enemy to agree to a large prisoner exchange agreement that includes the release of all Palestinian prisoners," he continued adding that, "The enemy's goals of ending the Resistance and crushing it still in place, so we must continue the battle to neutralize the enemy's goals. The Zionist enemy will continue its aggression more brutally."

The resistance forced the enemy to accept negotiations for the exchange of prisoners, and the remaining enemy prisoners will not be released without the release of our fellow prisoners held by the Zionist regime, the Islamic Jihad secretary general added. 

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