Yemen threats to force Israeli ships to take long way round Africa

The Israeli regime’s media outlets have reported that the regime is facing a surge in maritime transport expenditures due to the fact that recent threats by Yemen pushed the Israeli vessels to take a long way around Africa.

The threats posed by the Yemeni army against the Israeli ships would force those who want to reach “Israel” via the Red Sea to change their cruising routes and take a long way around Africa, the regime’s media reported.

The long cruising route will be more expensive for transport companies, which should pay extra money to insurance companies, the Israeli media outlets acknowledged.

The Yemeni navy earlier warned that they will continue their military operations against Israeli vessels and interests until the time that the regime will halt its crimes against the Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip.

Yemen’s armed forces also announced that they would target any Israeli ship in the shooting range in response to the occupying regime’s military atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

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