Raeisi inaugurates several infrastructure projects in Zanjan

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and a group of his ministers visited Zanjan province on Saturday to inaugurate some development and infrastructure projects in the northwestern province

Raeisi, who was scheduled to visit Zanjan on Friday for a two-day visit, arrived in the province early on Saturday morning and told reporters that his visit was postponed due to an emergency visit to Kerman Province to pay tribute to the martyrs of the terrorist attack in the mentioned city.

During his trip to Zanjan, the president met and held talks with different classes of people and communities and inaugurated some water, energy, industrial, infrastructure and construction projects.

Raeisi inaugurated nine major water projects with a total investment of 44.43 trillion rials (about $88.8 million) in the province. The projects included a dam, a water treatment project, and several water and wastewater projects.

Also, 54 gas projects with a credit of 1.302 trillion rials (about $2.6 million), including gas supply to 7,639 units of the National Housing Movement projects in the city of Zanjan, gas supply to eight villages and gas supply to 45 industrial units, were inaugurated on Friday prior to the president’s trip to the province.

Three electricity projects with an investment amounting to 1.408 trillion rials (about $2.8 million), including the installation of smart electricity meters across the province and reducing urban and rural electricity losses and electricity supply to 20 villages in Zanjan, were also among the inaugurated projects.

Raeisi also inaugurated six road construction projects worth 13.65 trillion rials (about $27.3 million), including new main roads and the improvement and asphalt coating of existing roads, as well as some highways.

The president also inaugurated three housing projects, 517 rural development projects , numerous educational, cultural and sport projects, as well as several health and medical-related projects across the province.

This was President Raeisi’s second visit to the province since the beginning of his administration

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