Raeisi hails Yemenis for bravery in defending Gaza people

Iran's Ebrahim Raeisi received a phone call from Mahdi al-Mashat, Chairman of Yemen's Supreme Political Council on Sunday during which the Iranian president praised the Yemeni support for the people of Palestine.

In response to the call from Mahdi al-Mashat, chairman of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Raeisi praised the bravery of Yemen in defending the people of Gaza, Mohammad Jamshidi,  Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs at the Iranian Presidential Office.

Mashat, for his part, emphasized that the actions of Yemen are against the oppressive Zionist regime," Jamshidi added.

The two sides also reviewed Yemen's relations with Saudi Arabia, he further said.

Meanwhile, the official website of the Iranian Presidency, released the details of the phone call, saying that "The president called the Zionist occupying regime a genocidal regime for committing crimes against tens of thousands of oppressed Palestinian civilians, women and children, which has been condemned by different nations in the world."

Raeisi also condemned the United States' action in attacking the Yemeni people and considered such an action to be revealing the true face of aggressive and anti-human rights US. He further stated, "Undoubtedly, such actions against the people who have resisted the aggression of foreigners for years and today still play an effective role in defense of the oppressed people of Palestine will be condemned and lambasted by the freedom-seeking nations in the world."

The president described the support of the oppressed Palestinian nation as the principled stance adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasized that "the Zionist regime's oppression will end with the final victory of the Palestinian nation."

The Yemeni official for his part, said that, "We are steadfast in our positions to confront the oppressive Zionist regime and support the oppressed people of Gaza, and we hope that the Islamic Ummah will use its potentials to shed light on the ongoing developments and anti-human crimes committed by the Zionists and their backers."​

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