Al-Aqsa Storm Operation revives Palestinian cause: Hezbollah

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says that the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation revived the Palestinian cause and made it hit the headlines.

In a message to the "12th Conference of Gaza; Symbol of Resistance" which was held in Tehran on Saturday, Nasrallah said that the Operation made the world aware of the significance of the Palestinian cause which the foes had tried for years to consign into oblivion.

Al-Aqsa Storm Operation turned the threats into opportunities, he further noted.

He reiterated the importance of resistance, noting, “Those who suppose that the Ummah has an option other than resistance are completely wrong.”

Resistance is a key to victory when it comes to war in Gaza, he underscored.

The drops of blood shed in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran on the path of resistance have been in line with the sacrifices of fighters in the Gaza war, he pointed out.

This is called the unity of blood, weaponry, battlefields, and causes, he underlined.

Resorting to global organizations and the so-called international community has repeatedly proven futile, resulting only in regret, loss, failure, and bitterness.

Elsewhere in his message, he said that the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime has endangered the cause of Palestinians.

The families of the martyrs, military officials, and participants from the resistance front took part in the international event.

After more than three months of genocide in Gaza by the Zionist regime and the death of over 24,000 Palestinians, the European Parliament has finally issued a non-binding resolution in support of a “permanent ceasefire” in the besieged enclave.

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