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21 January 2024 - 15:49
Iran’s Soraya satellite signals received on earth

Iran's Soraya satellite, which was launched into space earlier this week, demonstrated success as signals are effectively transmitted to Earth, marking a noteworthy accomplishment in its space mission.

The Iran Space Organization announced the successful communication of signals from the Soraya satellite to Earth. Weighing 47 kilograms, Soraya falls into the category of lightweight satellites.

The Soraya satellite, launched into a low Earth orbit (LEO) using the three-stage ‘Qaem-100’ satellite launcher, marked a significant achievement by attaining a 750-kilometer orbit and successfully transmitting its inaugural signal to Earth.

It boasts a lifespan exceeding 3 years and, following its orbital upgrade, now resides in a 750-kilometer orbit. The reported GPS positioning accuracy of the satellite is 20 meters.

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