Tehran welcomes Khartoum's request to restore ties

President Ebrahim Raeisi told the visiting Sudanese foreign minister on Monday that Tehran welcomes Khartoum's request to restore bilateral relations.

Visiting Ali Al-Sadiq Ali, Sudan's acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, was received for a meeting by President Ebrahim Raeisi in Tehran on Monday. 

The president referred to the existing potential in the two countries and the mutual will of the officials in both countries to promote political, economic and cultural interactions, and considered the exchange of ambassadors and the reopening of embassies in Tehran and Khartoum as a suitable ground for the revival and development of relations between the two countries.

Raeisi further pointed to the recent developments in the region and emphasized that keeping distance on the part of countries from the Zionist regime is one of the basic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and added, "The negligence on the part of some Islamic countries from this basic policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has caused heavy losses to the Islamic Ummah."

The President stated that the criminal Zionist regime, which has always sought to hinder the path of progress of Muslims by creating sedition and conspiracy, can never be a friend to Islamic countries and would be never interested in the progress and development of Muslim nations.

He further condemned the action of some Islamic countries in normalizing relations with the regime and considered Zionism to be opposed to the identity and nature of these countries.

The Iranian president added, "Today, the Islamic Ummah's major question to some Islamic countries is that how they still maintain their relationship with such a regime with its high-level of criminality and child-killing.  "If these countries had tried to cut off their relations with the Zionists, today we would not have witnessed the continuation of attacks and bombings against the oppressed and Muslim people of Gaza," Raeisi continued.

Ali Al-Sadiq Ali, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, for his part, emphasized in the meeting the readiness of his country to restore political and diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Caretaker Sudanese minister further appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran's political support to the people of Sudan in international organizations and emphasized his country's interest in developing relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and announced his country's readiness to increase economic and commercial cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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