Raeisi urges Iran envoys to secure national interests

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has underscored that embassies and ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran are expected to pursue the implementation of the mission of transformation concerning economic and trade exchanges.

The President received Iran’s new ambassadors to France, Tunisia, Brazil, Niger, and Congo on Thursday, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic enjoys unique capacities, which are interesting in the eyes of Asian, African, and Latin American states, so ambassadors should promote cooperation with these countries.

In the unjust system of today’s world order, the dominating powers seek to hold back independent nations, the Iranian ambassadors should secure national interests by resorting to a transformational approach, Raeisi noted.

The Iranian diplomats are expected to be aware of Iran’s sublime position in the region and introduce the progress and technology of the country to the world, the President emphasized.

He also urged Iran’s ambassadors to make all-out efforts to reveal that the West’s propaganda campaign against the country is unfounded and that the Islamic Republic is a safe, sincere, and credible state and always seeks to exchange cultural and economic capacities with other nations.

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