Israelis angry at Netanyahu hold another rally in Tel Aviv

Israelis have held yet another rally in Tel Aviv to demand the dissolution of the far-right cabinet under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the Palestinian Sama news agency, the protesters blocked Namir Street, a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv to also press the regime to agree to a ceasefire with the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas in order to get the Israeli captives freed.

Anti-regime protests have become common occurrences. Over the past five months, Tel Aviv and other cities in the occupied territories have witnessed a number of demonstrations by settlers and the families of Zionist captives held by Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza.

Last Thursday, protesters gathered in front of Netanyahu’s house in Tel Aviv to call for his resignation and an early election. Zionist police then clashed with the protesters and dispersed them by force.

The Operation "Storm Al-Aqsa" by the Palestinian resistance has led to the deepening political divide among the Zionist regime’s authorities.

Recently, Israeli newspaper Haaretz in a report expressed concern about the continuation of the current regime under Netanyahu and wrote: "In times of war, Netanyahu destroys Israel and endangers its alliance with Washington."

This newspaper also pointed to recent opinion polls showing the dwindling approval rating of Netanyahu amid growing anger at his policies.

Israelis are tired of Netanyahu, but he still clings to power, Haaretz concluded.

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