Haniyeh, Iran's General Baqeri meet, confer on Gaza issues

Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of Hamas, and his accompanying delegation met on Friday with Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri.

Supporting Palestine has been among the main strategies and goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the beginning of the Revolution, and this trend will undoubtedly continue, General Baqeri said.

Emphasizing that the unique Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was a great operation that inflicted an insurmountable defeat on the Zionist regime, he said that this operation destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the criminal Israeli regime and turned Palestine into the first issue of the Islamic world and the entire world.

"We consider this operation to be a unique, exceptional and successful operation due to the intelligence characteristics of a surprise attack on the enemy in the least amount of time, and we congratulate you for having such designers and fighters," Baqeri said.

Haniyeh, for his part, said that marginal issues in Palestine had caused the demands of the Palestinian people to be ignored, but by God's grace, Operation Al-Aqsa Storm made the words of the Palestinian people's hearts reach the ears of the world.

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