Iran, Russia close to finalizing a comprehensive new treaty: Russian diplomat

Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov has said that Tehran and Moscow are working on the final version of a comprehensive new treaty, which they are close to signing.

The treaty, which is being prepared on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, aims to establish a long-term strategic partnership, Russia Today wrote on Wednesday.

While Kabulov did not provide a specific timeline for the signing of the agreement, he mentioned that the project had reached a high level of readiness at the beginning of the year. However, it has been delayed due to revisions by the Iranian side.

The two countries have been actively supporting each other on the international stage, and their cooperation has extended to various fields, including trade, energy, and education.

During a meeting in Moscow in December 2023, Putin and Raisi discussed bilateral ties, global challenges, and cooperation in depth, spending five hours on these topics.

Putin emphasized that Moscow and Tehran were cooperating across all aspects of their bilateral relations.

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