Hamas chief loses another close relative in Israeli raids

Palestinian media outlets have reported that Head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement Ismail Haniyeh has lost his nephew in an Israeli attack.

Mohammed Abdul Karim Haniyeh was martyred in an airstrike by the Israeli regime’s warplanes at the Sheikh Radwan district in Gaza City on Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, the head of the Hamas Political Bureau also lost three sons and three grandchildren in an air raid on their car in the Gaza Strip on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Haniyeh emphasized that these six members of his family were targeted as they were visiting relatives for Eid at the Shati refugee camp.

Some 60 members of Haniyeh’s family members have been martyred since the onset of the war on Gaza.

Six months on, the Israeli regime still keeps on its onslaught on the Gaza Strip, while it has achieved nothing, but international condemnations.

At least 33,899 Palestinians have been martyred and 76,664 injured in the regime’s attacks on Gaza since October

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