Zionist positions hit in new Hezbollah missile attacks

The Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah has announced new missile attacks on positions in northern Israeli-occupied territories in response to the regime’s acts of aggression against Gaza and Lebanon.

Hezbollah said in a statement on Wednesday that its fighters had launched missiles on several buildings in two locations earlier in the day, adding that the targets were directly hit.

The resistance movement said that the operation was in response to the Israeli regime’s attacks on villages in southern Lebanon as well as the ongoing war on Gaza.

Fighting broke out between Hezbollah and the Israeli regime on October 8, a day after Tel Aviv waged its ongoing genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, with the Lebanese resistance movement targeting Israeli areas on and near Lebanon’s southern border in support of Palestinians in Gaza. 

The fighting has intensified in the past couple of months amid Israeli strikes on villages and towns in southern Lebanon, some of which have resulted in civilian casualties.

Hezbollah has time and again warned Israel that civilians are a red line, and that it will give a crushing response should the regime expand its attacks deeper in Lebanon.

The resistance movement also says that it will continue to fight the Israeli regime until it stops the war on Gaza where nearly 34,570 Palestinians have already been killed, mostly women and children.     

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