Raisi: Strong Iran can remove military option from table

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi considered the operation of 'True Promise' to be a cause of national pride and a very clear manifestation of revolutionary rationality and emphasized that a strong Iran can remove the military option from the table.

On Tuesday night, in the 10th live televised interview of  President Raisi with the people about Operation True Promise, President Raisi said that the dimensions of Operation True Promise should be discussed and investigated in various meetings and scientific, research, political and security circles.

The Iranian president considered the operation to be a source of national pride,  and said, "Everyone praised this operation. This operation can lead to solving problems, building consensus and national pride in other areas."

President Raisi stressed that Gaza is a manifestation of brightness, resistance and standing, patience and love for God.

"According to all political experts in the world, the winner of this field is the resistant people of Palestine, and the losers of this field are the Zionist regime and its supporters," he added.

He pointed out that this operation was a beautiful manifestation of cooperation between field, diplomacy and media.

"All sectors cooperated in this operation and proved that a strong Iran can remove the shadow of war from the country and can remove the military option from the table," he further added.

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